Blank PCB arrived

May 20th 2022

I just got the confirmation from the fab they have received the blank PCB..
I am still awaiting the delivery of the Interwave chips since April 29th. You can track the shipment here : CY561305075DE

Interwave chips SHIPPED !

April 29th 2022

I just got the tracking number from Shock__ for the Interwave Chips.
I also got informed the blank PCBs should arrive in about 2 weeks. With a bit of luck, the reception of the IW and the PCBs will be synchronized to start production mid-May.

Gerber Files Received

April 11th 2022

I just got the gerber files from Shock__. I am still waiting for the Interwave chips, but I will start the PCB production in the meantime.

Preorder now COMPLETE !

April 7th 2022

Wow ! We made it to the 20 pre orders ! I am now awaiting shipping of the Interwave chips from Shock__ on Vogons. He said he will ship them "soonish" as he needs to find proper packing material.
As soon as I receive the chips, I will open orders for the 23 remaining cards.

Finally, the ARGUS is now made publicly avilable

April 6th 2022

After discussions, we have decided to put for sale 43 (+5 on the side for warranty purposes) ARGUS PCB with the Interwave chip soldered on it.
We need to go through a preorder of the first 20 to make up the fees to start producing the 48 ARGUSes. Once there are 20 preorders, I expect the lead time to be 3 weeks before shipping starts for the first 20.
The next 28 ill be in stock thus shipping will be super-fast.
You can follow the megathread on Vogon's.
You can PM me on Vogon's, my nickname is Synoptic
Here's the list of material I used to populate my Argus PCB :Synoptic's BOM
Here's an updated Mouser BOM from IcySon55 on Vogons'